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ROG Retro: Krusty’s Super Fun House
Jonathan Balofsky
14 Mar, 2019 At
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The Simpsons is a legendary TV series that has influenced pop culture ever since its debut in 1989. While the series has seen its quality drop severely after its initial decade, the impact it left cannot be denied. There have been plenty of video games based on The Simpsons but sadly, few have been any good. We mostly talk about the same ones when mentioning the good games, such as Hit and Run, The Simpsons Arcade Game and The Simpsons Game. One game that isn’t mentioned as much is Krusty’s Super Fun House, and that is a shame because the game is quite fun.

Krusty’s Super Fun House is a puzzle platformer that plays like Lemmings in reverse. Your goal is to rid the Krustybrand fun house of rats and you must find them, get them to follow you, and lead them to their deaths. As you make your way in the game, other characters from the Simpsons will make appearances such as Homer, Bart and Krusty’s long suffering sidekick, Sideshow Mel and offer both aid and will man the devices needed to get rid of the pests.

With fun music and surprisingly engaging gameplay, it is bizarre that not many mention this one. The controls and game speed are spot on ( at least in the SNES version), and Krusty’s Super Fun House just feels right. Krusty can run, jump and throw pies at the various enemies in his Krustybrand Fun Houses to get them out of his way. The game gets more difficult as you progress, but it never feels unfair at all.

One reason the game is so good may be because it was a license tacked on to an already great game. Rat-Trap was an Amiga game that Acclaim licensed to make Krusty’s Super Fun House, and somehow the license worked perfectly. There were not many great Simpsons games and Krusty’s Super Fun House is perhaps the best Simpsons game outside of the arcade to be released before the PS2 era. This is not faint praise either, but pointing out how far above the rest it stood. This is one worth tracking down.

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