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MGW, What’s With All the Changes?

Four years ago, Mother/Gamer/Writer begin as a quiet little blog bringing you everything from manga and anime reviews to upcoming video games, book reviews, and interviews with indie video game developers. Before the five-year mark came and went, MGW expanded and merged with her sister blog, Lasers ~N~ Lipstick.

New…Improved…More Features!

By merging both MGW and LNL you can expect to find fun and nerdy posts about DIY projects inspired by the purchase of my first home, food and adult beverage recommendations, my adventures in thrift store shopping, new features like Let’s Coupon and Nerd in (Really) Real Life and a whole lot more alongside the book reviews, blog tours, and spotlight posts featuring your favorite authors you’ve been accustomed to.

More About Lasers…

Lasers ~N~ Lipstick was inspired by two things: the purchase of my first home and the need to re-budget my life while creating a fun learning environment for my daughter. October 15, 2013, and at 31 years old, I became a First Time Home Buyer. YAY ME! To me my house is amazingly beautiful: brick exterior, screened in back porch, fully finished basement complete with a fireplace, and a remodeled kitchen. And not only did I get the little country cottage of my dreams, I got it for a great deal. After moving in, I quickly realized life in a house is much different from life in a condo where everything maintenance related is done for you. Now, since I’m own my own, it’s imperative I learn to better manage my money – even though I’m already great at budgeting – so I can customize my house to my tastes and add cute little knickknacks with the help of a 4-year-old. In the midst of DIY’ing my home, I’m also trying some new experiences such as gardening (this should be interesting) and couponing. And in between I hope you enjoy the other fun posts I have planned.

My hope with Lasers ~N~ Lipstick is to not only encourage others who are trying their own DIY projects, but to also inspire myself and push myself to think more outside of the box. This blog will serve as my testimony to all the building, creating, budgeting, crafting, and sometimes maybe even disasters I manage to create over the next several years. Hopefully, this will be a fun experience for you (the readers) and my daughter who loves creating and painting as much as I do.

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